Hike Everyday


Do you ever get cabin fever? Don and I seem to get it every day in the summer. You know, when the screen starts to blur and the blue skies are magnetically pulling you away from your desk. We can only withstand it for so long, and then we decide to close the computers, grab our backpack, and put on our hiking shoes. Sometimes we use a hike to break up a day and refocus; sometimes we use it as an incentive to finish work early in the late afternoon. I’ve also been going out with girlfriends for hikes, which is a great way to catch up! Regardless, our days have been better since we’ve been hiking every day.

Some things that make it easier:

  • Don has a small day pack ready to go. We add a couple bottles of cold water and cans of beer, a snack, and we can be out the door in 2 minutes!
  • We use it as a time to talk work, ideas, and family. Instead of sitting at a desk or table together, we get to squeeze in some exercise and time in nature while also feeling productive.
  • We have some go-to favorite hikes of all distances depending on how much time we can allow. If we are really crunched, we just walk up the hill in our own neighborhood. If we have a couple hours, we can hike 3-6 miles on nearby trails.

Most cities and towns have trails to access, but I know sometimes they are hard to find. You can make it a treasure hunt to search for them.When we lived in Dallas many years ago, we explored everything within a two hour radius in search for any trail.

AllTrails is a great app to use. Hikers update regularly with recent trail conditions.

But if trails are too far away, or you can’t carve out enough time in the day, I’d still recommend getting out for a walk alone, with a friend, or with your family. It’s the best way to recharge and refocus, to unwind a bit or let your mind wander.

We know we are so lucky to live in Summit County where there are an infinite amount of trails. Here are some of our favorites:

  • McCullough Gulch – 1.5 hike close to Quandary Mountain, beautiful waterfall and lake at the top
  • Mohawk Lakes – one of my favorite 6 mile round trip hikes. And if you have time, keep hiking up
  • Blue Lakes – easy drive up to an amazing view, just down road from Mt. Quandary. We saw about 15 mountain goats here this month!
  • Illinois Creek Trail – right outside of town, next to the ice rink, this is a super short trail, but has some great views of the town.
  • Aspen Alley – especially beautiful in the fall, but a quick hike nonetheless anytime of the year, just off Boreas Pass Rd.
  • Carter Park – another short hike, but all uphill! Treat yourself to a drink at the Lodge at the top before hiking back down.
  • Sawmill Trail up to Sawmill Reservoir – a very peaceful spot to think, journal, hammock. Nice creek along the whole trail.
  • Burro Trail – off of Peak 9 in Breck, shady hike.
  • Pence Miller Trail – offers great views of the town of Breck. Short hike up, and then flat most the of the rest of the way.
  • Peninsula Trail in Frisco – such a web of trails. We love getting as close as we can to the water. Pretty flat, but great views of Summit County.
  • Mt. Royal – this is always harder than people think, but it’s nice to have another hiking option just off Main Street in Frisco.

Blue Lakes:


McCullough Gulch:


Sawmill Creek Trail to Reservoir:


Mt. Royal:


Mohawk Lakes Trail (Continental Falls):


Illinois Creek Trail:


Peninsula Trail in Frisco:


McCullough Gulch Trail, right off Hwy 9 across from Mila Rose, with great view of Mt. Quandary:


If you live in Summit County, we’d love to hear any of your favorites, too!


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  1. berthacortez@gmail.com says:

    Those places are beautiful. Iā€™m glad you get to enjoy them.

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  2. Reagan Caldwell Loughry says:

    Here for 8 days and ready to take some on. Hiking with a reluctant 6 year old may change our options a bit.

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  3. Sonya Dalrymple says:

    Wow! Have a great time! There are a few trails around Keystone and Dillon I forgot to highlight. Sapphire Point at the top of Swan Mountain Road would be perfect for your 6 year old. šŸ™‚ And keeping it simple and short – with snacks – was always our key when they were younger. The Sawmill Creek Trail in Breck would also be perfect for younger kids. A nice creek along the way, and a lake at the top (just about under a mile up) But if they are rockin’ in, make your way to McCullough Gulch trail, too. šŸ™‚


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