Happy Father’s Day, Don!


We are so lucky to have Don in our life! He is such a great dad to Gabe, Isaac, and Jadyn. He loves them each individually, and thinks about how to encourage them and build them up uniquely. He models such faith, generosity, sacrifice, excellence, and fun! Like I said, we are lucky!

We had such a great day today as a family hiking up to Lily Pad Lake outside of Silverthorne, CO. Isaac’s friends, KJ and Tommy joined us as well. We were thinking it might rain, and while we did get a few drops, the skies parted, and we had gorgeous weather the whole time we hung out at the lake.


Here’s a snapshot of our hike and the time hammocking at the lake. There were so many bridges and patches of mud to walk around en route. At the lake, KJ and Tommy caught a leech and a salamander! And for almost an hour, we all just chilled in our hammocks, off-screens, but enjoying music on Tommy’s bluetooth speaker, and recharging in nature. It was magical.


We are so glad, Don, that you didn’t want to be a “one-man-band,” and we are all so grateful to be a part of your world.

Tommy joined us for dinner at home, and then Sonya “interviewed” Don about what it’s like to be teenage parents. It surely is a unique season of life, and in a weird way it still feels new to us. We’ve been at it for a while, and we are so proud of each of our teenagers, now 13, 15, and 17, but it’s humbling every day. We just wanted to capture what we are learning as we go, and hopefully it can be a blessing to others who are trying to navigate these years as well. They are so challenging, and yet so important.

Thanks, Don, for giving us your heart. It’s priceless. We hope you had an awesome Father’s Day!

lilypad lake colorado



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