Overcoming the Gravity of Life

gravityI am not sure why we assume that the status quo is the way things should be. I may be a different type of person, but I always question what I am doing, where I am and how my life is set up. I would not say it is just pure restlessness. It might be better described as being strategic and deliberate with the waking hours I have.

Somehow, there is this strong current that carries us through life. When I got to college, I did the next thing every time. First it was grad school to get more credentials and knowledge. Then it was a job. Then the next job. Then a new place to live.

A kid came along. Then several homes and life in the suburbs. Boring and lifeless. Then another kid. Pure joy. Moving to a new place. Mountains. Then the next kid.

More stuff came along with each step. We gained more friends. Some were great. Some were passing through.

Somehow, gravity increased.

We didn’t know its effect until we have tried to get free to go on this adventure. The stuff, the obligations and the life that has been built has been wonderful. But it’s a bit of a process to get to freedom on the road.

Possessions start to own you. Relationships are wonderful and hard to move from. Activities and momentum with music, sports and education will be broken.

Some people want to increase gravity. I am learning a lot about myself. I have always tried to design my life and work to remain lean and agile. Agility is important to me. Being able to change quickly when things or circumstances demand it is a high priority.

I think of it as ultimate freedom. We came into this world with nothing and will surely leave with nothing. We have our relationships, our memories, our faith and the joy of a moment. These are freeing and fulfilling.

As for the gravity, I look forward to a little weightlessness and seeing where the journey leads.


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