Freedom and Tears

Mattress surfing in the back of our ride!
Mattress surfing in the back of our ride!

These last few days have been both remarkable and heavy. We are on the open road with our life on a roof cargo box, bike rack and our REI gear. It was a flurry of gatherings for our family from my birthday to a neighborhood party and then our final hours and send off with some dear friends that came and got us launched.

We are grateful for our many friends and neighbors that have filled our hearts and lives with their trust and love. I feel extremely fortunate to have people that care about us.

We have a special neighborhood, the kind that you dream of from the old days. Kids ride bikes and scooters. Our house was always full of traffic, random guests for dinners and lots of popsicles and snacks. The parents come and go hanging out, drinking beer together and catching up on walks or hanging on the porch. It was hard to leave when everything was so picturesque.

We had many hugs and tears on our front lawn. I loved holding some of the kids that have grown so close to my own heart. We have one of those places where “it takes a village.” I watched a lot of these little gals and boys grow up. We love them and their tears broke my heart yesterday.

My kids were sad and in tears as well. We know we will see everyone in another year. Years go by fast. But it hurts not to be able to take your friends with you. And they would be awesome to take anywhere.

On the other hand, I can’t remember having this much freedom since college. I feel light and uninhibited. We are mobile and happy. It’s a pretty amazing feeling. I’m in a rural town in Texas working on my mobile device. It’s business as usual today for me while the family is out having nature lessons on four wheelers and dirt bikes hanging with some other dear friends of ours.

It’s a strange mix. We have both freedom and tears.

Sonya is an amazing wife. She’s beautiful and has handled all the details of our move with artful grace. She is resting up and recovering from the intensity of it all.

We are all trying to recuperate and just enjoy each other right now, letting the emotions settle and the good times roll.

Thank you everyone who has encouraged us and is for us. Thank you to our friends who have not just loved us in words but shown us with their actions. My heart is full today.


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  1. Clennan Family says:

    Wow, what a phenomenal experience the five of you will share (with all of us in tow). We did not realize the adventure was going to be quite this big. Go for it. Please keep the posts up and every once in awhile, kick it ol’school with real postcards. Prosit!


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