Anywhere and Everywhere

Taking off their shoes and wading in a wishing well waterfall!
Taking off their shoes and wading in a wishing well waterfall!

One of the things about us Dalrymples is that we do not like to waste time. Wherever we are, we try to be all there as we mentioned before. We look for fun anywhere and everywhere. It’s not hard to do in strange places because we do it in familiar places as well.

I guess that’s one of the things which makes our trip so natural. We have been practicing this kind of full engagement living all the time. We look for the fun in whatever situation we are in. My kids keep me young. They love to make noise, color outside the lines, explore and jump before thinking about their fear.

This last week has been fun with friends in the woods riding motorbikes and four wheelers. We have shot guns, fished in serene surroundings, gone for runs, lit fireworks and enjoyed music around campfires. We love each other and the people we are with.

We celebrated my parents’ 43rd wedding anniversary and the kids took off their shoes and made their own hour of fun up and down some beautiful waterways balancing their way in crags and surfaces.

We looked around for some geocaches and Jadyn swapped out for some goodies.

We have been comfortable traveling around and being agile to pick up and go when we are ready. It’s a very free life right now. It’s hard to believe that with a little determination, we can redirect our steps and be off without worry or agenda.

We all miss our friends. The kids are learning to be friends from far away. It’s great to watch their tender hearts.

Yes, we make fun anywhere and everywhere. We can’t help it. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Another day with my favorite people.


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