Seattle Parks for Families

So, our top favorite parks here in Seattle have been recommended by everyone we meet:

As a family, you really could spend a whole day at each park with a picnic lunch, bikes, and a camera. They all have 3 things we love: trails, water, and a zip-line!!


One evening we split up to run around the loop trail at Discovery Park. Don and Gabe made it the whole way, but the other two kids and I just ran part of it and waited at the playground ’til they came. There were great climbing trees and forts around for hours of fun.

Another afternoon, Isaac, Jadyn and I hung out inside the Discovery Center and then rode our bikes up a hill and zoomed down with the wind chilling our cheeks, loving the speed, while Don and Gabe worked at a coffee shop.



We’ve met new friends a couple times at Seward Park in Southeast Seattle. Like the other parks, there’s a variety of playgrounds, trails, and water.

Once, I left all the kids at the park with their friends, while I walked the trails with their mom and dad who we’d met outside of Spokane, WA. It’s neat that the kids are old enough to hang alone for a while. And it’s great to get exercise while catching up and talking!



Seward Park Playground
Seward Park Playground

Lincoln Park is out in West Seattle. It is gorgeous! We saw a sign that gave us hope that one day we might see some whales, otters, or sea lions, but unfortunately didn’t see any during our visit. The kids rode around on their bikes and took multiple turns on the zipline.


Don and I had had a disagreement before we arrived, but honestly, I don’t remember what it was about. Once I saw this perfect fall tree, everything else just erased from my memory!

photo (3)

photo (2)

The late afternoons/evenings are our favorite times for hikes. It’s a natural end to the work day. And we always love a great sunset! The trick is just figuring out what to do for dinner!



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