Seattle Makes Us Happy

working starbucks
The kids focus when it comes to working. It’s a Dalrymple mantra.

We have enjoyed our time in Seattle. Typically after a day of study and work, we head out on different treks and food adventures.

We have been downtown a few times to catch meals. One of our favorite places was the biscuits at Serious Pie per recommendations from Sonya’s sister, DeeDee. The combination of homemade biscuits, gravy, bacon, eggs and a ton of other fixings made for an extremely satisfying meal.

We also enjoyed Marination Ma Kai and the Asian fusion theme. The restaurant is located on the sound in Alki Beach, and we were able to enjoy the scenery while letting the flavors of food selections dance in our mouths.

The kids have been working steadily from our place in Seattle as well as at various coffee shops and parks. They have checklists of curriculum that Sonya’s set up, and their study habits have worked really well on the road.

We have been exploring different parts of Seattle and getting to know people. Sonya has taken the kids to various homeschool events to run around, play soccer and get to know other families.

I can’t get enough of the ocean view and the city skyline. It’s a load of fun and energy. The other night, I ran around Green Lake up near Fremont, and it felt so fun with the kids riding their bikes geocaching.

Life with the family has been so memorable. We have our share of tiffs, but we are finding our space and learning to love in a lot of different situations we find ourselves in.

The kids are always ready for adventure, and when we say its time to head out, they are packed and ready. It’s like a mini-fire department.

This weekend, we want to get out and see some waterfalls in the Cascades as well. Should be some great pics.

It has felt like home wherever we have been so far. Seattle has been nothing short of comfortable and adventurous for us.


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