One of Jadyn’s best friends is Makayla Kelt. These girls have been playing, pretending, scootering, Heeleying, biking, and roller-blading together for years in Austin. They really have a fun, sweet, giggly kind of friendship.

Well, we’ve been counting down months, then weeks, days, and minutes ’til they would see each other again in Portland, and the moment finally arrived! (just a few hours later since their flight was delayed 😉

We wondered if it would be weird or different, but nope. All was comfortable and great. What a treat to have the Kelt’s up here, bringing a little bit of “home” with them.

We look forward to a lot of exploring, hiking, and eating yummy food together while here in Portland, but mostly we just want to catch up and hang out. And just for the record, a Marriott Residence Inn is a great place for that to happen when visiting a city together as families!



Stumptown Coffee
Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Washington Park
Washington Park



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