Sweets Candy Factory

As a “sweet” end to our 2013 year, we felt lucky to get in on the very last factory tour for Sweets Candy in Salt Lake City, UT. They’ve been offering tours for years, but recently decided to phase them out.

Our family always enjoys going “behind the scenes” to understand how things are made. From HUGE, multiple-ton vats of sugar to large taffy and jelly-bean candy-making machines to tall warehouse shelves of boxes, we were mesmerized the whole time. (We even learned that they donate the left-over candy that falls out when packaging to cows! Talk about “sweet milk.”)

Unfortunately, this ended up being our most expensive factory tour yet, as one of Jadyn’s caps came off while enjoying a sample fruit chew! She chomped down on something hard, so threw away the candy, only to realize later that the hard thing was actually her cap! We dug through the trash, got it out, found an amazing dentist in the area who was opened on Jan 2nd and squeezed us in, and called it a day.

Tons of jellybeans!!!
At Doctor Theurer's office
At Doctor Theurer’s office

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