Sandy Hollow State Park




We had such a great day together at Sandy Hollow State Park! This is a story about making lemonade out of lemons.

The day before I had decided that it would be best to rent wetsuits so that we could hike through the Subway in Zion. If you do a quick Google search on “subway zion” you will see some people up to their chests in cold water and in wetsuits. I wanted to be prepared.

Well, after we rushed to rent the wetsuits, I did a little more research and heard from a close friend, that you really only need wetsuits if you are rappelling from the top-down. We were going to trek from the bottom-up. So, we really didn’t need them.

In some marriages, that would have been a no-big-deal. We just return the wet-suits and go on that hike that the wife was really looking forward to!

But our marriage is a little different.

So, it became an issue. Probably an argument, but I like to forget. (You can ask Don for his version of the story another time, but I’m sure it’s pretty similar. 😉

All I know is that somehow, we made it through, and when looking at our GPS map on the way to Zion, Don saw a blue spot – some water – and suggested that we go there to check it out for the day.

It was perfect. The State Park was empty because it was a weekday. Because our kids had wetsuits, they were able to stay in the water MUCH longer than they would have otherwise. They were goofy and silly together, enjoying jumping off the beautiful red rock formations in this gorgeous blue water. Really, really cool day.

Loved my lemonade. 🙂


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