We are Crazy; We are Normal

I think sometimes people look at us like we are crazy. Like who leaves a wonderful life in search of adventure and the unknown? How can we feel comfortable not knowing where we are going to sleep the following month, much less the following night sometimes! “I don’t know how you do it,” is something we hear often.

I do think we are crazy. 🙂 I think both Don and I have a certain level of trust, faith, and adventure that “everything’s going to be all right.” We are comfortable living in the unknown space, since the important things like love and family are our “knowns.” We are never scared of meeting new people and making friends with people on Craigslist or on a hike. And we don’t mind the work involved in packing up and moving in and out of places frequently. We aren’t attached to stuff; we try to be ready at a moment’s instinct to give away our cherished gear to someone who would need/appreciate it, too. For those things, I think we are “crazy.”

But after this last month, hotel hopping from city to city around California every couple days, it is obvious that we are no crazy superhumans. We are totally “normal.” It’s always harder for Don to work when he’s on the road. The kids’ school schedule suffers when we are in a hotel. We need our rest, regular nutritious food and exercise, and time and space to work, read and play in a place that is predictable. A home offers all of those things.

I’m grateful, though, that any house can become our home. The kids moved in today to a 2 story, 4 BR home in an awesome neighborhood and enjoyed their private space to read, play with dolls and just chill for a couple hours. They unpacked their bag, and I set out our books on an empty shelf. We caught up on laundry and email, and I’m looking forward to some downtime to capture many of our recent memories on this blog.

During the last couple weeks, I was on the borderline of getting pulled in to the stress or frustration of our unpredictable living, but I’m glad I didn’t totally tweak out. Life, as well as our travels have cycles and seasons. We had a crazy one. Now, I’m looking forward to “normal” for a bit.



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  1. My-Cherie Haley says:

    There’s something very honorable and inspiring about those who live in the moment. You guys are far from crazy for following your hearts and instincts, living in the moment, & being here now! This world would be a better place if everyone followed your example. Keep spreading your love & light! The world needs more Dalrymples! ❤


    1. My-Cherie!!! Thanks for making us feel less-crazy! 😉 We sure hope others get to experience life and people more fully, and if we can help inspire that in any way, then so be it! Miss you!!


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