Gabe’s Year of Amazing

Gabe turned 13 today! Yes, we have a TEENAGER in the house. This is exciting and wild to us all at the same time. Hard to believe, and yet just feels like the most natural next stage of life as parents and a family.

I wanted to make sure and have this video of his Freejourner year complete by his bday. It’s been a treat to re-live these adventures through his eyes here. One of the main reasons we chose this last year to take off was because Gabe was “still a kid.” We knew he wasn’t yet tied down to the responsibilities and relationships more inherent to the teenage years.

I’m so glad we did. As you can see through these pictures, Gabe grew even more fun and free throughout the year – eager, friendly, kind, mature. It’s a privilege to know him and watch him grow. We are just really proud of who he is.

So, here’s to Gabe and his teenage years – may they be full of even more adventure, opportunity, growth, meaning, and impact.

“Thank you for your childhood,” Gabe. We love you!


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  1. Maribel says:

    So wonderful Sonya!! Happy birthday to your son! Many blessings to you and your family!


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