Durango With the Dewey’s


IMG_8972 2

Our family really loves hitting the road. While it feels like a 6 month vacation in many ways here in Summit County, Colorado, we actually do get a little “cabin fever.” So this year, we decided to take a few winter road trips to visit some different mountains and mix things up.

We have been to Durango twice already with the Dewey family, so it only seemed fit to twist their arm and invite them to join us again this year! We rented a house, and hit the slopes for a couple days. It was so fun to cruise familiar runs together, but they definitely felt different this time as we were no longer beginners. Jadyn even got to enter a half-pipe competition and connect with a few girlfriends.

We always have fun with the Dewey’s, and this time was no different. We went out on a triple date for Valentine’s Day and relaxed in the evening with drinks and fun talks about business, life, and parenting. They always bring a feeling of home in Austin with them. So glad they could join us!







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