Park City 2016


The Salt Lake City area is a pretty special place to our family. We lived just south of the city for a bit when the boys were very young and got our first fix of snowboarding, taking a lesson at Snowbird with my sisters and Don’s brother over Thanksgiving weekend. Our front door opened up to gorgeous views of Mt. Timpanogas.

Then, throughout our 3 years of travel, we’ve managed to visit the city a few more times, even living there in December of 2015.

This winter we were able to swing through again! We stayed with our friends, the Badgers visited the Natural Science Museum with them and watch an awesome 3D iMax movie of the National Parks. Our kids all felt like they were seeing old “friends” and couldn’t wait to get back to visit the parks again this summer. The Badgers were great hosts and invited the Baker’s over as well for a fun dinner one night.

Then, off to Park City for the rest of the weekend with the Burdick Family. Their son, JR snowboards with Isaac on Team Summit, and they have become fast friends, along with Bodie Heflin, making them a cool, fun trio. We love hanging out with both of their parents, and it’s an amazing treat to snowboard together as whole families. The kids all ride in front, showing off with their newest tricks, and the dads enjoy watching their kids progress so well.

In Park City, we enjoyed one full day of riding at the Canyons section of the resort. The mountain is huge with several great runs. We got a little snow that day, but mostly it was spring slush! We lapped the park a lot. Gabe took the Gondola all the way over to the Park City side and came back, enjoying some time on his own. On our last run all together, we even spotted a moose from the lift! The boys rode their snowskates at the end of the day down a long green, next to the golf-course. Blew my mind to see them riding snow right along side bright green grass.

The second day, we rode at Park City, and the girls especially wanted to keep lapping the Neff Park! That night we were stoked to see Michael Franti in Concert! That was the first time our kids saw him – he always comes with great energy!

Overall, though, it was just a super fun weekend hanging with the Burdicks, watching the kids in the pool and hot tub, and eating and walking down main street in Park City.


On the way home, we took a slight detour and got to see the Wedge Overlook, a GORGEOUS spot in the San Rafael Swell area of Southern Utah. Thanks, Jessica for the suggestion! Totally amazing and worth the late night of driving.


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