Kicking Summer Off in Ouray

It’s been 9 intense months of sports! We had 9 different kids sports and activities in Nashville in the Fall. Isaac recovered well from his broken leg, and we were eager to snowboard with Team Summit in Colorado.

We boarded Copper, Breckenridge, Keystone, A-basin, Beaver Creek, Vail, Purgatory, Ski Cooper, Silverton (Gabe), Crested Butte and Park Cities this winter. The training, comps and USASA Nationals were intense but fantastic. Everyone stayed healthy and progressed with speed and skills this winter.


The Spring season overlapped with Gabe’s track and field season. He did well in the Federation meet for 100m & 200m’s. His high jump had ups and downs, but he still loves it.


Isaac’s lacrosse team with Summit Stix is a fantastic group of kids and parents. Total mountain families that have tough, hard-working kids who won several tournaments. Beautiful to watch Isaac in his favorite sport playmaking and working the offense around the crease this season. Excellent coaching and chemistry that came from it all.

isaac lacrosse attack

We hit the road after winning the Jamboree tournament in Arvada. 6 games in 2 days in some hot weather. We took off after the tournament towards Ouray to get recoup and rest.

We have had several weeks of intense travel, work and fun. I had 4 speeches in a week down in Austin, and the family accompanied me. So great to go back to a place where things are familiar and easy.

Sonya had a family reunion in Austin, and we got to have some fun with various friends playing tennis, grabbing drinks and working on some Arbonne business get togethers with colleagues.

We then split up and travelled to drop the kids off for some country living with our friends, the Halls, out near Tyler, TX. I headed to see my parents in Louisiana. We then all met up in Dallas to get some business done, see Sonya’s parents and fly out together back to Denver.

We had a day to pack the house up and get ready for a tennis tournament for Gabe and the Arvada lacrosse tournament.



All of us pushed hard working and playing, and I’m proud of the family for rallying. We play hard and work hard all the time. The kids are used to the adventure and pace.


We took off to Ouray and have been in town for the last week recovering. I can tell everyone is pretty tired. We have been sleeping in as much as we can. I have been working all week with clients from pubs and coffee shops while the family relaxes and catches up on rest.


The awesome thing about Ouray is how close the hiking is. We can take off any second and hit a trail. We got in a beautiful ascent on the Sutton Mine Trail last night. It starts steep and hits some awesome meadows and creeks up high.

We could see the town from up high and enjoy the views across the San Juan mountains. Isaac and Jadyn let loose running the trails and navigating the terrain with their deft maneuvering over rocks and roots.


We are getting into summer mode, and the mountains always refresh us.

We are headed to Sedona tomorrow for a month for a Nike Tennis Camp and backpacking around the area on the beautiful desert trails. We can’t wait!

If you’re out west, let us know and we can hit a trail together.


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