Colorado Feels Like Home


It’s hard to believe that we haven’t written about our time in Summit County this winter yet! As I reflect, I think it’s because it felt like we were coming “home” for the winter/spring. We had an incredible time back in the Keystone/Breckenridge area.

The kids have performed some inspiring feats in their snowboarding and spring sports. We have so many amazing memories that we savor, especially when we quiet down as a family and think about how packed and full our go, go, go lives have become.

I think that part of why we feel at home is that we love the rugged beauty and splendor of the mountains. I could walk around all day taking in the majestic views. We are always itching to get out on a trail or find a run with our boards.

We have a ton of amazing friends who have found this little piece of paradise. They have come from all over and they choose to be here at 10,000 feet living life as an adventure much like we like to.

I like people that say, “Yes,” whenever they can. I tell people all the time that I try to say, “Yes,” anytime someone asks to do something. We are trigger happy like that as a family. We are looking to get outside, hang with cool people and make memories. And there is no end to any of this up here in Breckenridge!

Sonya has been awesome in keeping her trail shoes ready and pulling us onto a hike or trail run. It’s amazing to simply grab some snacks, water and my EDC kit and hit a trail.

We snuck away one afternoon while the kids were training at Woodward at Copper to hit the North Ten Mile Creek Trail up near Frisco. The mountain streams were flowing hard and the continuous waterfalls were so peaceful to hike along and sit down at.

Sonya and I took it slow one day to talk, relax and hike the Sawmill trail up Peak 8. Everything was so green and it was a stark contrast to the runs we would gun down during the winter snowboarding season. Such fun dates we love and look for.

We are going to try and get out for some 14’ers with Sonya’s birthday this week and before the summer ends.

I want to get up to some overnight backpacking in the area and looking at Wheeler Lake above Copper Mountain. We have all our gear for ultralight and we love that serenity of getting away from everything and sleeping under the stars.

We still have plenty of summer left and Colorado is right out our front door. Such a playground and becoming an amazing home base for us.

There’s still much more paddle boarding, backpacking, trampoline, tennis, summer track, trail running, hammocking and many other things our restless outdoor souls love to do. It’s where we are happiest.

If you have a little bit of summer left, come on up and join us.


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