Isaac’s 13th Birthday Week


We have another teenager in the house! It’s amazing how quickly time passes. We have tried to embrace and cherish each stage along the way, and yet time still flies!

We wanted to make Isaac’s Big 13 as special as we could. He pretty much had over a week long of fun celebration!

The weekend before his birthday, we rented a couple rooms at a hotel in Denver, and he and his friends, Bodie, JR, and Luca, had an awesome time around the city. They went skateboarding one night downtown under the lights and the next day at the big Aurora skatepark.We got dessert at a Liquid Nitrogen spot, and then hung out at the hotel pool for hours, water bottle flipping and even working out. Boys start to care about their muscles at this age! 😉 And on Sunday, the boys had a big breakfast and then went rock climbing at an awesome new place in Golden. We love Isaac’s buddies and are glad he got to celebrate with them!

During the week, Don and I took him out to a special dinner and gave him more gifts, the most meaningful being a collection book of photos and letters from family and friends sharing things that we love about him and hope for him and his future. Don even read aloud his note to Isaac at dinner as he did to Gabe:

Isaac, my dear son, I love you so much and I am so proud as your father to watch you grow into a young man.

I think the world of you and I am continually tickled at how expressive and full of vigor and life you are. You change things by just being present. You have an impact on people’s thinking and experience. You are introspective and take in a lot of life. And you are one of the most fun people I know.

I can only imagine what you will do with all of your gifts. My hope for you is that you love yourself deeply. I think as you do that, you will have that freedom we have always wanted for you to go out and make life bigger and wide-eyed for all the people you meet. You are a walking gift to people!

You’ve seen the world. We keep it real in our family. And we love you so much for who you are.

Love yourself. Change the world.

I love you, son.

– Dad

We love this kid and want to give him the world. I had spent many, many hours crafting this book on Shutterfly, and it did not disappoint. Isaac says he reads it every night before he goes to sleep…. totally worth every minute of effort. 🙂

I flew out to Dallas with Gabe and Isaac for one last birthday shabang that weekend. We had an awesome time with my parents, taking them out to dinner, making crepes for them for breakfast, visiting my dad’s funeral home and seeing the embalming room, and just enjoying time with them in the car and home. They are always so hospitable and fun.

The weekend was packed with love. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s kinda true! The second day in town, after hanging out with G&G Cortez, we drove out to Flint to see one of Isaac’s best friends. They’ve been best buds since they were 1 yr. old! We went out for Texas BBQ, had cake and opened presents, and then the boys stayed up way past midnight playing basketball, football, ping-pong, and chess. We enjoyed a lazy morning at their farm home, ate a yummy breakfast at Torchy’s Tacos (which we still miss!!) and went shopping at Raquet & Jog, one of the coolest outdoor stores we’ve seen. My friend Heather made it truly awesome for Isaac and us all.

Then we drove back to Dallas for an afternoon with Uncle Mike! He took the boys out to Dave & Busters, HG Sply, and Milk & Cream! They had a blast with him, and were crashed out in the car when we met up with him later that night! Wiped out from the 3 AM night before! Thanks, Mike for flying into Dallas to spend time with them! You’re the best!

Sunday was all family and fun. We met my sister, Annette and her family at Torchy’s for breakfast with my parents and then headed to the Arboretum, which was one of our favorite spots in Dallas many moons ago. Then we hit an amazing Korean restaurant for lunch, a round of bowling, and frisbee at the park. It was really an awesome day, kinda chill, but super fun. The Bonds have always showered love on Isaac, and I know he was grateful to be around everyone on his bday.

We see him growing and maturing before our eyes, which is a pretty special thing to experience as parents. We are so proud of him. He’s got so much passion, energy and natural talent. It will be neat to watch how he chooses to funnel it and use it to make an impact in the world around him. It’s a privilege to launch him as a mini-adult, full of life and wonder.

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  1. Happy birthday Isaac!!! And thank you for sharing this experience with us all. I am a fan of the freejourners and love to take a moment to read and feel the goodness shared.

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  2. Sonya Dalrymple says:

    Thanks for visiting, Carole!! Appreciate it! Keep spreading the goodness. 😉


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