Grand Adventure

Our family is embarking on an adventure to explore the Western part of the US, eager to see beautiful sights like the Redwood Forests, Olympia National Park with its rainforest, and the Rocky Mountains, among everything else. It’s been a dream of ours for a while, but dreams can just stay dreams unless some action starts to help transform them into reality.

It really just started with a decision. We had to just decide that now was the time to really make it happen. Practically speaking, our kids are at great ages for longer travel. We teach them from home, so we have flexibility to read and learn from anywhere. Our businesses are essentially virtual, allowing us to connect with customers globally and continue on business as usual.

But really, it mostly has to do with the fact that both my husband and I really enjoy traveling. We have gypsy blood and love seeing new places and meeting new people. We want to give that gift to our children.

So, we’re off! Wish there was a yellow brick road to follow, but we’ll just have to leave one behind us as we travel around this wonderful country of ours.


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  1. Jessica monnich says:

    Hey Sonya!
    I am Heather Shugart’s sister in law. We just recently had this same yearning to take a year to travel with our family! If you don’t mind me asking what businesses do you guys run that enable this? I am currently starting up an etsy shop, a children’s book and a line of Salsa. But would love more ideas on how to sustain us on our journey. Best wishes and I will be following you guys :)!


    1. Hello Jessica,

      Congratulations. It sounds like you have many exciting business opportunities ahead. đŸ™‚ My husband Don is a business consultant ( and has a marketing company ( which allow him to work virtually with clients all over the country/world. It seems like something intangible/virtual would be easiest to sustain with travel, but you also just have to go with where your talents/experience/passions lie. All the best to you! Keep in touch!



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