A Journey of Freedom

We have been working our life, business and parenting to live the life of freedom we have wanted. We are about to embark on a journey for a year with our family living in other locales out in the western United States and Canada.

There is a lot to see and our kids are ready for it. We love the freedom of our life and we wanted to capture some of the adventures, thoughts and strategies we have developed over the years. Perhaps it will help others who are questioning the treadmill that is relentlessly pulling them.

Our goal is to refine the work we put out here and put together a book that will be able to encourage other freejourners to pursue their own adventures.

We get questions in all kinds of forms. You can always post those here, and it will help us to put out some answers to others that can be helpful.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy what you read.



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