Wherever You Are Be All There


I remember reading those words from a journal in Jim Elliot’s, Shadow of the Almighty. Sonya and I try to live this out continuously. Maybe it’s the way we were both raised. We were used to transitions and realized that quality of life is measured by the depth of friendships and relationships, not just mere face time.

I still see it that way. Just being around someone without trying to make an impact or getting to know them deeply can be much more rich.

Being all there is hard work. It means focusing attention fully on the moment. Sometimes it means absorbing the full joy of a situation. Other times it may require sharing someone’s pain or persevering through my own. Regardless, I find it a challenge every day to take up. It’s like inhaling deeply and having full engagement in the moment.

We are sad about the hiatus from dear friends we have made over this short time in Austin. We try to be all there with each person and it has been rich in spirit.

We are excited about all the places and people we have yet to meet. I want to take it all in and be all there for each moment. Whether it is the open road, a mountain top view, jumping into a cold spring or even the tension of traveling together as a family. It’s all life and I want to take it all in and be fully present.

It’s fun to live an examined, purposeful life. We never know what will happen. We teach our kids this all the time. We have the moments God puts in front of us each day. All we can do is be all there and recognize that nothing is to be wasted or marginalized. Life’s too precious to just be a sideline fan.


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