I Love Relationships More Than Stuff

too much stuff
Ever feel like things are just dragging you down?

Getting our life to zero and hitting the road for this adventure does require quite a bit of focus and energy on stuff. We live a minimalist lifestyle, but for a five person family, there’s still a lot of stuff to deal with.

One of our favorite parts of the last 30 days has been to think about our friends and give them some of this stuff. We love it. It makes us happy to share and give things that can be useful for someone else, whether it’s sports equipment, technology or appliances.

At the end of the day, we raise our kids to always value experiences and people far more than their stuff. It’s hard, but when we continue giving, the magic happens. It’s almost a rediscovery of what life is about. We are here to love each other. Life gets real small when it’s only about loving myself.

I am grateful and humbled by the friendships we have as a family. I have some great people in my life that I root for and I know root for me and my family. Having good times together and going through hard times are all good to me. I like finding out who is in my court and what people are made of.

Somehow just trying to pursue material things as an end in itself can get real dull.

I’m turning 40 tomorrow and I don’t think about stuff I want or have. I have had plenty of nice things. No, I think about the people that really matter in my life and how I can be a good friend, father and husband. I feel more focused in that way.

Suprisingly, this transition we are making with our household feels pretty natural in that sense. Everything gets clear in regards to what we value, who we call friends and how we spend our time.

I’ll miss my friends in Austin and look forward to coming back.


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