Building Trails


The Washington Trails Association website offers a wealth of information for hikers. We have used their site as a resource multiple times during our stay in Seattle.

This week, we were able to join a homeschool group as they partnered with the WTA Youth Programs to work on building out a trail in Issaquah.

We hiked about a mile in, grabbed a shovel and hard hat and then set to work digging up ferns and then replanting them along the path to create a natural border effect.

I was really proud of the kids as they were focused and took ownership of their tasks. They know we have benefited from amazing memories on so many hikes. This was just a small way that we could contribute and “say thanks” as well as get a behind-the-scenes look at all the work and planning that goes into creating a new trail system.

WTA has “work parties” all throughout the year. I’d highly recommend joining them to help out. I’m sure there are also similar organizations in other cities around the country. You can coordinate a group event, like this one where I joined other homeschool fam’s in their “stewardship squad,” or just sign up independently for a weekend “party” on your own.




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