If you’ve known me for any amount of time, it’s no secret that one day I’d like to live in Vancouver and New Zealand. Funny thing is, though, that I’ve never been to either place. I just have this romantic idea of what it’d be like to live there, based on photos and traveler’s experiences.

So, during our last weekend in Seattle, we made the trip up to Vancouver, crossing the border and entering this cool, international feel of a city. I teared up. I totally started crying. It was so funny to me. Have you ever had one of those moments where your dream really does come true. Well, it was kind of like that, but not. Because we were just visiting!! Anyhow, I was sooooo excited, and had such a blast the whole time we were there. It was like I was walking around in my dream.

We checked into our fine hotel in the evening and ate at a family friendly restaurant, WhiteSpot for some amazing burgers and Poutine. The next day we hit some fun spots like Granville Island Public Market and Stanley Park, as well as KidsBooks, which Gabe had found on his online searches of fun things to do. One thing that we wish we had have allotted more time for was the Capilano Suspension Bridge. We thought it was just a cool bridge that we could walk across, but they have “touristified” this whole place, charging almost Disney prices for bridge, treehouses, and cliff walk – I think it would be totally worth it, but not with only 1 hour to spend!

So, all in all, awesome weekend trip from Seattle. And very cool city to visit. Might want to return in the summer . . . or winter when we can also head to Whistler.

A few pics:

Totem Poles at Stanley Park
Enjoying “Second Beach” – yes, that’s really its name
Spent over an hour at KidsBooks! Fun for the whole fam!
Spent over an hour at KidsBooks! Fun for the whole fam!




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