Salt Lake Bucket List


We have a little less than a month to explore and enjoy Salt Lake City. Our time is divided between work, school and normal family life, but we really make time to experience a new area and get to know new people.

So far, we watched a play about Benjamin Franklin at the Children’s Theatre, went snowboarding at Brighton, joined an indoor soccer team, and ran around a lot at Liberty Park. We’ve enjoyed eating at Eggs in the City, Cafe Zupas, Pie Hole, Myung Ga, and Cafe Rio, among other great local coffee shops and donut shops (Banbury Cross and Beyond Glaze).

Winter is in full force, so I’m not too eager to visit the Zoo or the Aviary, although I totally would love to in warmer months!

But for the season we are here, I thought this bucket list would be fun to fill. If you have any other “must-do’s,” please share! Just leave a comment below! Thanks!



Roller Skating at Hollywood Connection
Ice Skating at Olympic Oval
Rec Center – see about getting passes
Christmas Sing-Along – Energy Solutions Arena


Eggs in the City
The Banana Leaf
The Dodo

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