Frozen in Time


We’d been in Salt Lake City for just a couple days before we felt the pull to go see our old home, about 30 minutes south in Pleasant Grove. We lived here nine years ago with two little boys and a gorgeous mountain view! We hadn’t been back since. So, it was a weird moment pulling up to our old home again. It looked exactly the same, with just different bikes out on the sidewalk!

We decided to knock on the door of some sweet neighbors, and luckily, they were home. We appreciate friends who are as spontaneous as we are. They had their afternoon open, and so were hospitable enough to invite us in and have us over for lunch. It was perfect.

The kids got to play soccer, basketball, and jump on the trampoline together with their boys. Don and Adam enjoyed reconnecting around business systems and entrepreneurship. And Melissa and I felt like we could just pick up where we left off. It’s amazing that you are able to do that with someone after nine years have passed!

As we reflected, it was wild to think that if we had have stayed in that home, our two boys would have likely matched up with two of their boys as friends, playing sports and hanging out through the years. Melissa and I could have been running half-marathons together, too! I’m glad we got to have a little taste of what “could have been.” Life doesn’t often give you those moments.

Thanks, Fairbanks for a fun afternoon! Great to reconnect again!





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  1. The mountain view of Timpanogas is still stunning. I remember being on that porch at nights just looking at the mountain and riding up on the hills on my bike.

    The Fairbanks were so hospitable. It makes life so fun to enjoy spontaneous kindred spirits.

    There were some good memories of Utah and I was glad to enjoy a great family’s company.


  2. So fun to see you guys and spend the afternoon with your family! Nine years ago seems like yesterday! We need to get together again soon! =)


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