Durango Mountain

In the continued spirit of Dalrymple/Cortez “then” and “now,” here are a few pics from our time at Durango Mountain Ski Resort this weekend and from a YEAR ago.

So much has changed within just one year. This time we feel like we are Durango residents rather than just Texas tourists at a resort.

The kids have been down different runs probably a hundred times since last January. They have always been so “high” on Durango mountain as it was the place they learned how to snowboard last year. But their perspective has totally changed. Parts that had been repeatedly frustrating last year, were surprisingly a breeze this time. In spite of the lack of snow in the local area, we were stoked that the slopes were still a blast – even with powder in several spots!

You know how sometimes, you go back somewhere, and are disappointed because it wasn’t the same way you remembered. Well, Durango Mountain was awesome, because while a different experience, it was completely just as wonderful!!










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