Growing Up

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We were on the road and talked about our family today. The topic of conversation was whether we felt we loved each other more or less since we left Austin. The kids were unanimous and agreed we all loved each other more.

It hasn’t been rosy, but it’s been real. We have had conflict and one of the things we teach our children is that conflict is not bad. It actually is healthy. Most people just do not know how to have good conflict. Actually, conflict is happening all the time. The key is how to have it with respect and love and end it with forgiveness.

All of us have been learning how to love each other and give of ourselves. We are not being pulled in all these different directions like we used to with all the demands of a domestic existence. We get to focus on each other and the next adventure. And there is continual change.

The kids are growing up, not just with the wonder of experiences but the love of a family and loving themselves. We value each other and respect each other. And each of them is growing up into a wonderful person that is free in their heart.

The world looks different. And so do our kids. The road does a lot to shape us and for that we are grateful.


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