Visit From the Dewey’s


We were totally blessed by a visit from our friends, the Dewey’s, bringing a little bit of home with them, and “playmates” for all, as Betsy said. They were fleeing the nasty cedar fever in Austin, and found respite in the Southwest.

They came bearing gifts – stone jewelry for the kids, bath salts for me, and nothing for Don (which was their gift to him ;))

In the beginning it felt like a dream – like a time warp. How did six months pass so quickly, and feel like no time at all? Everything felt normal, as if we’d made our new traditional winter trip to Durango together. But yet, this time, it was our home.


We just enjoyed hanging out and catching up. Kids playing games like Settlers of Catan, Uno, Go Fish, and the CashFlow Game by Robert Kiyosaki. We adults enjoyed conversation, meals and walks together talking books, politics, business, and homeschooling.

One of our highlights was the Snowdown Parade on Main Street, hot-air balloon fire warming and lighting the night sky, candy and beads spilling out of coat pockets and hats as we walked back home. The other was definitely time at Durango Mountain, boarding and skiing. Oh, and how can we forget our trip to Hovenweep National Monument to see the ancient ruins. What an adventure!


It was wild for us to be around old friends again. When they left, we found ourselves not only missing them, but many things about Austin! Thank you, Dewey’s for coming to see us!




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  1. Betsy says:

    The pleasure was entirely ours! How lucky and blessed we are to have you in our lives and call you friends. Unforgettable. ‘Til next time!


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