St. George Bucket List

Every time we settle in to a new city, I begin asking people for their favorite things to do in the area. I love taking notes of responses and eventually compiling a Bucket List of places we’d like to visit and things we’d like to do. While I do some research ahead of time, I always appreciate the tips from locals best.

Here are a few things we’d like to do while we are in St. George, Utah. Which have you tried?

Big Day Trips

Zion National Park Hikes – Angel’s Landing, Hidden Canyon, The Narrows, The Subway

Bryce Nation Park

Pink Corral Sand Dunes State Park

Best Friends Animal Refuge

Wire Pass/Buckskin Gulch

The Wave, AZ – Need to get a special lottery pass

Around Town

House of Jump

Children’s Museum

Private Skate Party

City Parks

Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum

Pine Valley Recreation Area – hiking trails

Red Cliffs Recreation Area – hiking trails


  1. Temple Quarry
  2. Red Rock Mini Narrows near the Dixie mountain sign
  3. Chuck Walla which also has rock climbing
  4. Leeds red rock area
  5. Vail community
  6. Sand Hollow
  7. Pine Valley – this is north on the bluff and we should be able to build a fire up there

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