Grand Canyon and Sedona


Well, I wasn’t planning to hit the Grand Canyon so soon.

You all know that sometimes we don’t know where we will be sleeping the next week, or even the next night because we like to stay as flexible as we can.

After weighing the advantages of cooler spring weather in this part of the country, all of a sudden we ended up in St. George instead of Sacramento. And then after our fun stay with the Winns, we lucked out and found a great home that we could move into the very next night and stay for a month!

Well . . .unfortunately, we showed up to the new home with all our bags ready to move in, and the landlady said, “Sorry, but I forgot to check my calendar, and we have guests ’til Saturday, so it will be available Saturday.” (which was 4 days later!!)

Bummer! But no biggie, we’ll just drive to Kanab and stay the night so we can make our first attempt at seeing The Wave.

Another bummer – we didn’t get in. But no biggie, we’ll just drive down to Flagstaff and stay a few nights there to see the Canyon they call “grand.” (my kids think I’m such a dork when I say that, so I always say it πŸ˜‰

So, long story short (or kinda long), that’s how we ended up at the Canyon they call “grand” without much planning or foresight.

And that’s why my kids were a bit disappointed when we left.

You see, they love to hike. The love to find the side trails and run up ahead and explore the hidden places. They aren’t much for touristy spots and paved trails at all. But that’s what we did at the Canyon they call grand.

So, don’t get me wrong, they took it all in. They loved the views. They hiked out to a cool outcropping that made you feel freaky standing and looking over. And we enjoyed each other on our walk (not “hike” πŸ˜‰


And that’s why they might tell you that they like Sedona AZ and Cathedral Rock better than the Grand Canyon!


The next day we drove down the GORGEOUS road to Sedona and hiked up one beautiful red rock. This was heaven to them. There were trail markings, but literally an infinite amount of ways up. They could make their own lines (a snowboarding term πŸ˜‰ And they could challenge themselves to climb tricky spots.


We ate dinner up there and hiked back at dusk, which they love, needing to pull out our flashlights at the end.

As a bonus, on our drive back to St. George from Flagstaff, we stopped at Horseshoe Bend, just outside of Page, UT for a quick sandy hike and another amazing photo opp.



Three adventurous days of eye-candy for me. And a fun way to wait-out our time until we could move into our new home.



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