The Whirlwind

Just some quick thoughts about the last month. When we left Durango, we ended up hunting snow like a bunch of dirtbags. We boarded all through Colorado and back in Utah. The kids kept up some reading and I had to keep business going with clients. It was even fun to let them know where I was. Sometimes on top of a run getting ready to carve down with the eager kiddos.

Sonya covered a lot of the action. If you haven’t watched the snowboarding video synopsis, take a look. here.

We wanted to start hiking, but we realized that the snow pack up north is still melting and conditions would be muddy and sloppy. A friend of ours that knows the west suggested spending time in the desert.

Right now we are in St. George. I enjoyed reconnecting with old friends from our Salt Lake City days. They are great company and we have enjoyed some great conversations over spirits, time with kids and running and hiking on trails. We decided to stick around for a month so we could explore Zion National Park. It is a gorgeous place.

Today, we were up and down through canyons and plan on heading back for several other hikes.

From my perspective, it gets a bit hairy on the road being a dad, husband, freejourner and business owner. There’s lots of details to manage. We try to cut out the unnecessary things in life. Our kids are well-trained on this and love our minimalist approach. This helps me in my work as well. I have lots of systems in place and continue to refine them so I can deliver a large impact, nurture new business and service existing projects.

Sonya is such a flexible and focused person. I don’t know anyone that gets it all done better than her. She can push so hard that her health suffers a bit.

Thus, it’s been a great respite to be in St. George. We have slept in a bit and taken in a bit of a domestic existence. Tonight we even swam laps on a last minute whim after the day hiking just to relax. It’s a walk right outside our neighborhood. I can feel a lot of the fitness I neglected these last several months returning.

Wherever we are, we feel at home. Home is our family, and we have a ton of fun when we are in a place exploring and making the most of it. I love watching the kids take it all in and adapt wherever they are whether a hotel suite, a new neighborhood or some desert canyon.

We have a full month ahead of hiking and adventures. We’ll keep you posted. Thanks for reading.


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