The Winn Family

St. George was a definite on the destination list in my head – because of the Winn Family (well, and Zion National Park. πŸ˜‰

But I’d been wanting to visit the Winn’s for years!


We met them at the tail-end of our time in Salt Lake City over NINE years ago. We hit it off as couples (it’s no wonder; we just found out both guys are INTJ’s and us women are INFJ’s). Don even came back out to go snowboarding with their fam a couple years later. But life was busy and crazy for both our families, so the years passed quickly without much contact.


So it was a cool, time-warp kind of feeling to meet again and just click. Even our kids hit it off hanging out together. (having 5 kids and a pool and foosball table helps πŸ˜‰Β They were so happy to have non-adults to play with!

They welcomed us into their home for many nights, took us to Snow Canyon, out for Sushi, for a round of windy disc golf, and a hippy coffee shop with a great hiking trail behind it. They re-inspired us towards healthy eating and living and even offered to help heal my chronic plantar fascitiis! They just made us feel at home, and we were totally grateful.

We liked them so much, we decided to stay for a month and be neighbors (yes, and visit Zion National Park πŸ˜‰ The super cool thing is that the home we found to rent was just a mile and a half around the corner from theirs, AND we get access to the same athletic club they visit!

We look forward to more weekend hikes, late night talks, and sushi dinners! (and who knows, maybe we’ll join them for yoga sometime!)



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