Zion National Park – Hidden Canyon


There are so many amazing hikes in Zion. Joe’s Guide to Zion is a wonderful resource that we referenced often.

Living in St. George for a month afforded us the opportunity to visit the park probably 6 days total, and we drove through on about 4 other days. We could focus on each hike individually and “rest” and work in between.

One of my most favorite hiking days ever was through Hidden Canyon. The hike was “strenuous,” not as populated, varied, and just plain fun. We had amazing views of the Weeping Rock and Angel’s landing for most of the first half which was a steady uphill climb, wildflowers coloring our path. Then, we had the fun experience of using chains for the first time to help secure our way around some tight cliff corners.

The second half of the hike was through the canyon. It was like a playground for kids, climbing over rocks and trees and through sand, observing cool structures and rock formations all along the way.

They were just in silly moods, too, so there were plenty of laughs, which probably made it most memorable for me. They’d jump down from boulders into the sand pretending to be Thor. This was the hike that Gabe earned the name, “Dape.” Because he is swift and agile like a deer and can climb like an ape. 😉 Jadyn’s not far behind him, so she became “Little Dape.”

We hiked several miles and were hoping to get to the end – the “impassable rock” – but daylight was waning, so we had to turn back to catch the shuttle home. I’d recommend this hike to any family. Really neat trail.








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