Isaac James

Isaac lives life fully! He adds tons of laughter and energy to our family every single day. He is a total extrovert, living in a home of introverts, so he never needs a break.

As funny as he is, he’s also the one who asks the deepest questions about life and meaning, people and truth. He’s an artist, always searching for, seeing, and capturing the beautiful things in nature and life in general. His outlet is music, drawings, and his words.

And his style is probably connected to that as well. He’s always “accessorized,” with a cap, bracelet, and all his “bling” as we call it – knives, caribeneers and other things hanging from his belt or pocket.

He studies the way people move, making it easy for him to pick up the form of anything new whether it is soccer, lacrosse, snowboarding, archery, shooting, fishing, swimming, or tennis. He loves to move, and he plays with style.

He loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing, and probably hunting one day. He was my little guy who could identify and name at least fifty species of birds at the age of four, and who wants to own a zoo one day because of his love for all animals. (This is after he plays lacrosse for Cornell or Duke, becomes a millionaire by working in finance, travels the world and takes safari trips to Africa. ;))

Here’s a video of him this last year on our trip, living fully and adding many memories to this freejourner adventure for us. (click to website to see video from email)


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  1. Sarah says:

    Great video, like the song selection, especially the 2nd one. Miss this kid!


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