Zion National Park – Angel’s Landing


So, I divide people into two groups now – those who have hiked Angel’s Landing, and those who haven’t. 😉

Kidding, but I do divide people into those who know what the heck Angel’s Landing is, and those who’ve never heard of it.

So for those who know, you will share my excitement – we all did it! And we loved it. I’m so glad we did!

We heard all the warnings that we could die or our kids could die, and we really weighed it out. Even on the day we started hiking, we were open to the possibility of turning around whenever we just didn’t feel comfortable taking the risk. But at each point, we were fine with moving forward.

It was a steady climb for most of the first half, with many switchbacks, and gorgeous views. Then we rested at the top before the chains for heavy snacks and drinks. We were with our great friends, the Halls, and they were thinking they might go back at that point, too. But we all decided to keep going.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of that last .5 mile climb. The ridge with the chains keeps you focused on just the next step in front of you, but at every moment, you want to also look both right and left at the breathtaking views.

I had been a bit spooked by how much we had heard from people about the risks, and I had woken up that morning with a dream that Isaac had fallen off and died, so it took me a few minutes to settle down my nerves. Don and the kids were eager the whole time, so that helped me. I just stayed chill, and finally I was able to relax and enjoy it all.

It was amazing. Just being up so high with beautiful views of the canyon below. I could have stayed on top for hours.

The kids were all proud of themselves, too. Funny, but at one point, Jadyn said, “I wish I was younger.” Our friends, the Halls had a 6 year old son, so he was stealing her thunder! 😉 No matter, all the kids were rockstars in our book! An amazing feat to remember whenever life gets hard, or just when we need a little inspiration to pull us through.









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  2. Jed Wunderli says:

    Angel’s Landing is awesome. I’ve done it twice and can’t wait to do it again. Great pictures of Walter’s Wiggles as well. My son was six when he did it. It’s like the song says: “Put one foot in front of the other…” and soon you’ll be walking to the top of Angel’s Landing. Great job.


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