Bryce Canyon Hoodoos


I had been looking forward to this hike for 10 years! We lived in Salt Lake City for just one year, and I always regretted not having traveled to Bryce during our stay. Oh, well! It made me appreciate this day even more.

We met our friends, the Halls for the Queens/Navajo Loop Trail. Six miles on a sandy trail through cool red rock formations, totally different from the canyons at Zion. These hoodoos had been shaped from the a combination of weather patterns. So unique to see. I loved the colorful layers.

Around the midway point, the kids started to get tired/bored, not sure. But they pushed through well after plenty of snacks and water. And by the end, they had enough energy to RUN up the last stretch of switch-backs and even the last quarter mile back to the car! Never underestimate the energy of your kids! They hide it somewhere and choose when they want to pull it out. But it’s always there!!!

This hike was fun, but pretty uneventful, just great 360 views to enjoy the entire time.










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