Yosemite Falls



Yosemite National Park well-deserves the esteem of being one of the most beautiful National Parks. Gorgeous views, huge granite formations, and during our visit, we were spoiled to have beautiful waterfalls!

We spent our first day in the park just taking it easy, enjoying the short Yosemite Falls hike. The kids enjoyed going off-trail as much as they could, balancing on fallen trees, hiding among large boulders, and climbing as close as they could get to the falls, to feel the mist and spray all around.

What a treat that they were able to enjoy it with their best buddies! Before leaving the park, we all grabbed dinner, cafeteria style at the lodge and watched a documentary on the life of Ansel Adams. What stood out most to us was the focus on his unique ability and pursuit to capture his individual response to what he was seeing. He had special eyes to take in a moment in a very surreal, meaningful way. The coolest part, too, was watching our kids try to snap their own perfect shot the next day as we hiked the Mist trail. Isaac especially has a great eye for framing a beautiful scene just right.






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