Golden Gate Bridge


I visited my great friend Rachel in San Francisco before my Junior Year of College, but we didn’t go see the Golden Gate Bridge, so it’s been something on my “bucket list” ever since.

I realize now what probably happened – it was likely foggy and overcast on the day we wanted to visit, making it impossible to even see – and so we opted for Half Moon Bay instead. Rachel, you can confirm. 😉

Anyhow, we were all looking forward to seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. So much so, that we even foolishly took a trip into the City on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and sat in traffic for close to an hour without even crossing, and so just detoured down to the Pier instead (yep, on Memorial Day crazy weekend).

But the second time we drove into San Fran, we lucked out with gorgeous blue skies and even warm weather. We crossed the Red – I mean, Golden Gate Bridge over to Marin Headlands and really enjoyed the scenic drive and city views.

We ended up driving over the Bridge many times during our stay, but could only really see it as we crossed a couple of those times! Luckily, on our last day in San Francisco, it was clear, and so we pulled off at the Vista Point to hop out for a run on the Bridge – one of our favorite memories for sure.




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