Meeting More College Alums


It was such a treat to connect with more University of Rochester Alumni while in California.

Except this time, it wasn’t planned.

Totally cool serendipitous moment that wouldn’t likely have happened even with a 10 second time difference. Don was turning around, after trying to eat at a restaurant that was closed in downtown Windsor. He looked across the street and recognized Kelly – the older sister of one of his x-country buddies in college.

They explain the meeting as totally surreal, still trying to process it all for a while afterwards.

The coolest thing was that they had 3 kids and invited us to hang out with them over the weekend. They were so hospitable and brought a picnic spread to share at a Winery, drove us up to see a beautiful view of Lake Sonoma, and then had us over for a savory barbecue dinner.





The kids took just a minute to warm up, but then found many points of resonance. It was fun to watch them, but equally as fun to just connect with Craig and Kelly around many topics from career choices and traveling to parenting.

Kelly invited the kids and I out for another day of play, heading to Doran Beach for sandcastles and kite flying. She humored me and let me follow her down Hwy 1 for more bluff views before going back home to Windsor for Paletas and Ultimate Tag at the neighborhood playground. We really enjoyed hanging out with the great family!!





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