Start Selling Some of Your Stuff and Go for a Mini-Vacation

From the article at Celebrity Net Worth

I liked that advice I read from Garrett Gee in his travel advice this morning. He exited on his Snapchat innovation and to date has not even tapped into these funds. Instead, he sold off all his possessions and he and his family travel the world light on the money they gained from selling off their stuff.

We are 3+ years into our journey and getting lighter as we go. The hard part is managing all our fun hobbies. We try to commit to sports and adventures we love and will spend a lot of time on: snowboarding, backpacking, tennis, trail running, skateboarding, etc.

One of the things our kids know is that we splurge on experiences and minimize stuff. Material things don’t tickle my boat. Standing on mountain tops or hiking 10 miles through the Narrows makes us happy.

But you do need gear to get to these places. And it needs to fit in our SUV so we can travel and get in and out of places quickly.

The kids have learned a lot about staying lean and being ready for adventure at any time this way.

We have seen friends dabble and try mini-vacations and travel. I think it’s a great step. You can challenge the norms you may be working from and feel are the “right” things to do by simply testing out small ways of doing things differently.

We have found the world is so big and you can do anything you want. Paradoxically, all the things we attach ourselves to tend to inhibit us or slow us down. Our stuff becomes an obstacle to exploring, trying a new adventure or even working a different way.

What if you tried Gee’s advice, as we had done 3 years ago? Sell some things off. Then use that money for experiences you will never forget.


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