Evening Hike to Mohawk Lake


So, I have a thing for sunset hikes. There’s nothing like the evening light for photos or the colorful display reflected in the clouds in the sky. I soak in all the beauty! We love having trails to ourselves, and that tends to happen more often later in the day.

Don and I enjoyed a hiking date this evening just a few miles from our home in Breckenridge – the Spruce Creek Trail up to Mohawk Lake. It was a 7 mile round trip moderate hike, and we started at 6 PM. Needless to say, we hiked the last hour home in the dark and rain, with flashlights, singing and telling loud stories to keep the bear and moose away!

But the hike was gorgeous! We could hear the Spruce Creek rushing for much of the way. We crossed the creek a few times over logs, and enjoyed the canopy of trees over the trail.

One of the most beautiful spots along the way was Continental Falls. We could have stayed there for hours exploring and just appreciating the natural design of the falls. But we were determined to make it at least to Lower Mohawk Lake before the clouds rolled in.

And we did. It was so peaceful. The sunset offered beautiful lighting for our backdrop of photos. We heard a pika squeak as he zipped down into his rock home, and then we saw a marmot pop his head out later. We enjoyed a snack just beside the water wishing we could freeze time.

We joke that these hikes of ours have to be the best business meetings ever. We talk about client relationships, strategy, and vision. As parents, we get to talk about where our kids are at, how they are growing, and how we can keep training and encouraging them. And as friends, we just appreciate each other, make each other laugh, and are grateful to enjoy a common love of hiking.

Here are some of our favorite photos, and here is a link to the video Don recorded along the way, reflecting on the importance of Being Ready for Opportunities.

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