Summer Slideshow 2016

Do you remember when your kids were younger and loved seeing themselves in pictures or videos? With Gabe, I could barely record him for two seconds before he’d ask to see himself on the screen!

Well, not too much has changed. We love reliving fun moments through photos and videos. Our slideshows from the last three years of travel have become like treasures to our fam.

I had an especially fun time putting together this video of our last Summer travels. We went through Ouray, Sedona, Vegas, and St. George, enjoying awesome hikes and National Parks along the way.

After a busy winter and spring with sports, it was invaluable to just relax for a month in Sedona with beautiful scenery and peaceful days. I think we’ll have to do something similar every summer. Good family rebuilding time after going in different directions for several months.

Gabe says it was one of his favorite months of the last three years! Probably because he got to work out and high jump several days each week at the local high school track. And we will carry memories of playing night tennis together, pretty much every night as well ’til the lights went out at 10 PM!

Life already looks a little different for us, now that the boys are in school. Our weeks just roll one right into the other. But this video reminds us of some awesome summer fun – and gets us looking forward to the next!




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