An Adventurous Regular Day

bell rock

I liked yesterday. We had that beautiful mix of work, adventure and love.

Our family culture is both feisty and restful. We all have our morning routines that start the day. I like doing the following:

  1. Wash up
  2. Make my bed
  3. Push ups and crunches
  4. Arbonne digestion plus and fizz drinks to hydrate
  5. Coffee
  6. Read my Kindle
  7. Pray
  8. Plan

This keeps me centered, and I look forward to the mornings. The kids have their own routines to get them centered and ready.

We then start working on our stuff. I was writing on my MacBook Air while the kids were knocking out school tasks on their iPads.

Sonya works through her communications, relationships, readings and makes rounds with everyone. She’s such an awesome manager to keep us all moving forward.

You will find me walking around our AirBnB thinking, reading, writing, having meetings and enjoying conversations with Sonya and the kids. We are all task oriented and keep moving through lists and projects.

The kids are taking turns preparing meals for our family. Isaac made a delicious lunch for us, Coq au Reisling with sides. We like great conversations and talking about what’s going on in the world and what we’re reading.

We get more work done, and when the temperature dips below 100 degrees here in Sedona, we say 10 more minutes to go and everyone starts to wind down.

We throw water, running shoes and tennis racquets in the back of the car and head out. So much easier to get out the door with summer gear than snowboarding days.

We head over to the Bell Rock trail. Sonya and Jadyn, our climbers, hike the trail and go up the unmarked routes making their own path. Such a spectacular view of the red rocks and vast structures out here in the desert.

The boys and I are maintaining fitness. We have our trail running shoes on, take a sip of water and head out in the still blistering heat to run the Llama and Bell Rock trails. I feel like a kid when I run trails. It’s that feeling of cross-country running moving your feet around rocks, roots and obstacles. The boys love it, and I love being their dad still able to keep up. They’re getting stronger and faster.

We meet up with Sonya and Jadyn on their descent from their climb. Such cool chics. The kids laugh together, look for tricky paths and end up racing down the home stretch.

Sonya and I take in the beauty, hug and talk about life. We have all these adventures in our head that we love reflecting on.

Now that we are warmed up, we drive 10 miles, grab water and goodies at a Whole Foods and head to some tennis courts. The courts are full, so we find another and get out immediately to start warming up and playing some games as a family. All of us like competing and winning.

We play rounds of elimination games. It’s casual. The sun is setting. We pack up and head to the other courts to use their lights.

We quickly get set up and start new games of doubles. We have plenty of snacks to play for a few hours. The desert night is cooling us down a bit, and we mix up the singles and doubles games.

That Nike Tennis Camp improved everyone’s games. It’s so fun to see how the athleticism and strategy we all play with is interwoven into our approaches. Another Dalrymple thing we can do together for the rest of our life and do it at a high level.

We don’t want it to stop. It’s such a fun time. I could play forever and want to bottle up the memories of being with the family enjoying life.

We head home and everyone unpacks the car, takes showers and chills out. Sonya has something wonderful stewing on the stove.

We talk, work on our blogs, and the kids head to bed. Sonya and I stay up talking over some chilled organic wine we picked up. We talk about plans, the future and how we want to adventure some more. Those talks are always important. We know when we commit, we get things done and move the needle quickly. We just seek to get clear and massage our reality a bit.

We try to keep it simple, but full. When we are in social scenes, we host, have fun with friends and make new friends. It’s nice to recharge and keep it low key and adventurous in this season for now.

Can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s always great.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. brownstrip says:

    Hey Guys,
    Love to read what you have been up to.
    You all look very fit and well, I love the colours in your photos, all that red rock and blue sky.
    Not to sure about Don’s 8 point morning plan, mine is more of a 4 point plan.
    1. Wake up
    2. Drink tea
    3. Drink more tea
    4. Pee
    Not as ambitious, but effective!
    Keep us posted you lovely family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not bad! Simpler.


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