Top Ten Trails for Running around Breckenridge with Kids


We have had an uncanny late fall/winter so far here in Summit County, Colorado. Usually, there is snow everywhere, and all the mountain resorts would have been open for weeks. Not this year. And while we are itchy to start snowboarding all our favorite runs, we are taking advantage of the bare dirt, and hitting the trails around the area.

Our son, Gabe finished his soccer season with the high school at the end of October, and he wanted to maintain some of his hard-earned fitness. So, every MWF, we’d pick him up from school and find a new trail to run. We also wanted to stay in shape for our first Turkey Trot as a family! Looking forward to it tomorrow!

Here are 10 of our favorites trails. We picked them because there was generally less initial incline, and they were not too long (we were sticking to the 2-4 mile range). These also had great views or cool variety along the way….which fortunately is pretty typical around here. Most trails around Breckenridge would fit the bill!

  1. River Trail, Breckenridge – When we are at the Breck Rec Center or downtown for any reason, it’s just so easy to hop on this trail and go as long as we’d like. It’s about 10 miles from Breck to Frisco, but we just went about 10 minutes out and then back. 😉 There’s a paved trail, but since there was no snow, we also took advantage of the dirt trail which runs right alongside this beautiful Blue River. For a “city trail,” you just can’t beat the mountain resort views and the sound of rushing water the entire way.
  2. Illinois Creek Trail, Breckenridge – For a while this summer, we lived right off Main Street and Boreas Pass Rd. in Breckenridge. We loved being able to jump out the door and hit the Illinois Trail. We’d often just do several loops around the section close to the Ice Rink and feel like we got in a great workout!
  3. Sawmill Trail – This is a fun, quick hike/run on the Resort. It’ right off 4 O’Clock Rd. at the Sawmill Lift. After running just under a mile, you will arrive at the reservoir with some peaceful views of the water and resort. Don and I would hike this often in the summer! Perfect for a quick workout getaway.
  4. Lilypad Lake, Silverthorne – This was a 3.3 mile out and back trail. In the fall, we hiked it starting from Frisco, but we heard the trail from Silverthorne was less steep, so we opted for that for our run! It was a perfect distance. When we got to the pond and lake, we paused to take in the peaceful scenery. I remembered how it looked in the fall, alive with yellow color. While dull and gray now, I mentioned to the guys how I love seeing the same spot in different “clothes.” It reminds me of life. While we may often go through “winter” seasons in life, we can take hope in knowing spring and summer are waiting to blossom and bloom!
  5. Peninsula Trail, Frisco – This is such a great trail for a quick run. As parents, we are always driving between Keystone, Frisco, and Breck, and this is an easy, beautiful trail right off the road! We just went out and back for a couple miles. My favorite part was hearing the water lap up against the shore. Jadyn and I had had a great time earlier this summer exploring the “island” nearby. (Gabe says it’s not an island if we can walk to it!) But this time we just enjoyed the run.
  6. Rainbow Lake, Frisco – This trail is beautiful in the fall with all the yellow Aspens, but we caught it just after peak season. Nonetheless, still a great trail run, 2-3 miles if you run around the lake. We parked just outside of Main Street Frisco in the Peak 1 Neighborhood. The first half was honestly a bit rough on us, as it was “uphill,” but coming back down was a breeze!
  7. Sapphire Point, Summit Cove – I can’t tell you how many times we’ve driven over Swan Mountain Road and never hiked this short loop at the top. It’s just .7 miles but offers overlook views of Lake Dillon, Breck, Dillon, and Summit Cove as you make your way around. This is a great trail for timed reps!
  8. Burro Trail, Breckenridge – This is a beautiful trail right off Peak 9 in Breck. I’m sure it will soon be covered in snow, but we still got to see rushing water as we ran alongside this creek. It was another trail with a gradual incline, so we were working hard the first half and speeding down the second half!
  9. Keystone Resort, Keystone -We lived in Keystone the last two winters and enjoyed running the paved trail around the resort. Gabe and I did a loop from the Keystone Tennis center one night this week when Isaac was playing tennis with his Math Teacher. We ran all the way to the Bunny Hill! Since it hadn’t snowed much yet, we even ran up the Bunny Hill before returning. Such a fun memory.
  10. Watson Trailhead – This is great trail that starts at the Gondola Parking Lot and climbs up for a great view of the town of Breckenridge. After the initial climb, it is pretty flat, so in general, this is a great, easy trail, and beautiful in the fall!

We’ve also tried the trails up from Carter Park and Hoosier Pass, but they fell shy of our top ten. 😉

Happy trails! Let us know if you have tried these or have any new recommendations for us! Thanks!




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  1. This is what Colorado has to offer…majestic nature. Thank you for sharing and I will make it a point to one day follow these trails!


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