Most Things Don’t Matter


I’m approaching 40 days on the mountain on my way to another 100. Today’s a work day. And a pow day! Peak 7 is my office right now on the mountain. I’ve had a lot of fun with client conference calls up lifts and down terrain and then meeting some new friends along the way over drinks.

I’ve also had several great conversations with people on the lifts. It’s weird bumping into other fellow middle-agers and hearing about their lives. I guess we all pick what we want out of life. We either want freedom or security. Most people want the latter. I can tell quickly tell which people want freedom – they like engaging the conversation with me. They are the ones who want to wake up, think about where they are heading, and what it takes to get there.

For those who want security, well, they usually have that in their current modus operandi. Neighbors, neighborhoods, bosses, and any other social norm that tends to validate their choices are enough to reinforce their position. No sweat. They got what they want.

One thing that can’t be argued though is the access to freedom, especially today. It’s available to everyone with a thought and some decisions. You just have to want it.

I run my business on my iPhone. The whole world is accessible from a call, email or social apps. I have screen sharing and document collaboration all on my phone. Or I just pull into a place where I can Wifi or tether via my laptop. Pretty simple and something I have been doing for years.

It can be done. And pretty easily.

Now, whether it’s for you, well, that’s another question based on what you really want out of life.

I tell people, “We don’t have much time on this planet.” And anything past 70 is bonus. I know a lot of older people, and what they have done and what they think. I like thinking about the brevity of life and then work backwards.

One thing I continue to reiterate is that “Most things don’t matter.” 

It’s a New Year, and I think most people keep adding things to their plate like resolutions and new commitments.

I say, subtract, and see how much you can take away. I bet 90% of the things you chose before don’t matter like they used to.

How about saying, “No,” to as much as you can, so you can say, “Yes,” to more of what you really want.

Simple, but hard, I know.

Not only do most things not matter, but “Nobody cares about you more than you.” No one else is living with your decisions or life.

Your boss, neighbor, friend, parent, etc. mean well, but they care more about themselves than you.

If you think about that for a bit, you might start choosing some things this year that matter to you and help get you free from expectations.

Thought I’d say, Happy New Year, and jot a quick note from a few conversations I’ve already had.

Life is moving fast. Our kids are hitting big jumps and tricks out on some ridiculous mountains in the epicenter of snowboarding out here. We have a few tweaks that are different from last year. But, overall, Sonya, the kids and I keep making freedom a priority. We do what matters to us and cut out the rest. We work hard and play hard. We don’t have to be anywhere or meet anyone’s expectations.

I’m looking forward to how we morph and push a bit more this year.

What doesn’t matter in your life right now? How can you get rid of some of those things and free yourself up?


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  1. My says:

    Beautifully written. Amen, Namaste and Carpe Diem, baby! Haha! Happy New Year to you and fam! May your 2017 be filled with freedom , happiness and slopes! 🙂

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