Jumps, Comps and Freeriding as a Snowboarding Family


Ironically, I feel rested on Mondays. We have whirlwind weekends in the winter with snowboarding as all five of us get on the snow. Early morning breakfasts, gearing up and loading and unloading our stuff at the different resorts up here toasts me by Sunday night.

We love it though! Being on snow as a family is incredible. The kids have advanced in their skills in the various snowboarding disciplines because of their awesome coaches that care for them and train them technically. They also have fun teammates that create that dynamic of healthy peer pressure to go a bit further each time.

Gabe Got Podiums

Gabe attacking rails in Woodward Park.

Gabe got his desire of getting on the podium. He got 3 podiums in Crested Butte for BoarderX racing! As a family we were so stoked to see how his hopes and hard work pay off against some stiff competition. He’s a fast racer and has gotten more sound technically with his Team Summit coaches. Gabe’s a maniac when it comes to speed whether regular or goofy riding.

Gabe has also been working at tricks in the park and enjoyed some slopestyle competitions where he’s had some decent placings. He’s got some clean runs and a foundation to improve on with more spins. He landed a few backflips as well on the jumps.

Gabe has his BoarderX nationals invitation already and is eager for the competition next week. Excellent progression for Gabe. So strong and hard working as an athlete.

Isaac Loves Park

Isaac catching a method with friends.

Isaac has always loved style and he shows it in his riding. He spends a lot of time in the park working on jumps, spins and rails. He’s had some amazing group dynamics with his friends, JR and Bodie, and their amazing coach Josh, and they have all pushed each other on technique.

Isaac landed his first 540’s and feeling comfortable throwing these down. He rides comfortably switch and has a lot of rail tricks in his bag as well competing in his first rail jams this year.

He even won $45 in the Vans Hi Standard comp having a blast with creativity with coaches and friends in Frisco, CO.

We have some great shots of his clean methods and sweet landings as well.

He’s had some good showings in BoarderX and Slopestyle this year and was invited to Nationals in both events.

Jadyn Wanting More


Jadyn thru trees4.JPG
Jadyn is such a beast through the trees.

Jadyn has had a lot to celebrate this season. She has podiumed in BoarderX, slopestyle, halfpipe and rail jam. She won the halfpipe comp in Steamboat and continually pushes the envelope for herself in all the disciplines.

She had top 10 finishes last year in halfpipe and boardercross. It’s been remarkable to watch how she approaches practice and competitions. She’s laser focused and wants to be on snow continually.

Her team and Coach Terri are a gift. They have a blast and spend many hours getting faster, higher and more technical in their riding and park skills.

Jadyn is so steady and has the ability to step up big under pressure. Our whole family rallies behind her and we love watching her get into her zone with grace under pressure. She’s kind to others and holds herself to a standard that models sportsmanship with competitive fire.

Nationals is coming up. Our family supports and loves one another in the grind. We love being on snow in these wonderful mountains. It’s incredible to ride, compete and live within this whole scene and environment, and I’m a happy dad knowing the kind of development that has come from discipline, focus and hard work.


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