Working as a Freejourner


That’s a pic of Jadyn working on her studies. I’m working on various creative projects at a coffee shop out here in Breckenridge. Sonya is playing tennis with a friend and we have meetings and more tennis the rest of the day.

It’s our down time, ironically, working and living our Freejourner life between long, fun days snowboarding.

We try to squeeze in work to rest up our mind, emotions and bodies from the rigor of snowboarding practices and competitions. Gabe shared a bit about how the snowboarding season is starting.

We keep a tight calendar between the family and everyone’s adept at Google Apps and our many Apple devices. Sonya is an amazing manager and sets up our work and play with all the future social gatherings, business meetings and adventures and events we have to get to.

In the middle of the work, the kids enjoy roaming Breckenridge, making stops at YoYo Loco, and hanging with friends. Our winters are busy but fun.

One thing that our pace of life has done is forced us to focus. When we play, we play hard. When we work, we lock in and get in, get it done and get out.

Jadyn and Sonya work through task lists on their various homeschool projects. I love hearing them reading in the background while I am working.

The older two boys are working hard and did really well in their first semester at public school up here in the mountains. They have great work ethic and focus. It’s fun seeing how autonomous they are. I’m happy with their time management and how they are mixing working hard and living it up.

We have a lot of Freejourner work days where we roam around, squeeze in productive work and have a lot of fun mixed in the schedule. It keeps us excited about life and enjoying the freedom of work and play.

Technology has enabled much of what we are able to do for sure. But, even more so, I think the family’s mindset of working hard when we need to and rewarding ourselves with play and adventure keeps things fresh and lively.

We don’t have ordinary days. We have a lot of extraordinary times and I don’t see it letting up.

Alright, back to work and play.


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  1. I just love love these glimpses into your life! Thank you

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