We Like and Need Rest

Our family loves intense games of tennis to relax.

This has been a welcome Spring. Our snowboarding season full of training and competitions was long and intense, like for most of these awesome mountain snowboarding families up here in Summit County.

We had some overlap between seasons where Gabe was competing at snowboarding nationals and in the middle of track season. Isaac has been ramping up with lacrosse practices and tournaments with his Summit Stix crew.

We just finished Gabe’s last track meet at West Grand and after leagues over in Grand Junction. He had a solid season and we got to see him compete in sprints and jumps. He’s still that little kid that loves to run and beat everyone.

Isaac’s lacrosse teams have been struggling but they are improving. A growth year for Isaac to step into leadership in his age group. His arms are bruised up from all the hits, but he loves the sport and camaraderie with these teammates here in Breckenridge.

Sonya and I have been getting out for some hikes and trail runs. Jadyn has a lot of schooling to catch up from. She committed to a lot of practice and comps this past season with some great nationals finishes to show from her work.

But, mainly, it’s down time for us. There’s these awesome, intimate times we enjoy together whether we pack spontaneously for a road trip and get in the car to block out the world or play tennis rallying and taking breaks to chit-chat.

We hit the trail yesterday for Sonya’s Mother’s Day up to Hanging Lake. Spectacular and cleansing for sure. Even got in a night swim at Glenwood Hot Springs and watched the boys do flips off the diving boards under the moon. So fun.

We go so hard and long as Dalrymples that the family finds a lot of solace and rejuvenation just hanging together, enjoying each other and resting. I guess it’s part of how we can live so large and do so much. We sleep when we can and give each other space to explore, create and do our own things. I think it’s the in-between times between the anticipated big things we will do together. Our goal is not to be inside. It’s to get outside and have adventures.

But the great thing is that we like to rest. It’s been refreshing for us emotionally and physically. We try not to plan. We just listen to our bodies and emotions.

We have a heavy summer of traveling coming up as well to a lot of packed-in places we want to explore out East. We are looking forward to hot sun, beaches and East Coast cities. We’ll see a lot of old friends we haven’t gotten face time with in a while as well.

We plan on tennis tournaments and long hours in the sun running, hiking and sweating!

For now, we are enjoying the downtime and getting revved back up. It’s sweet and part of our rhythms we truly enjoy as Freejourners.


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