Popping In On Our Friends All Over


We have been in our “Freejourner mode” this summer. We move fast and pack a lot into our days. Tonight, I’m writing from a downtown DC hotel after the 4th of July festivities while the family is sleeping. I’m getting some laundry done because of wet clothes during today’s rainstorm. I was out for a city run when I got soaked and need something clean for tomorrow.

We Ubered out to an organic restaurant and enjoyed some time as a family. We do enjoy being together and keeping it simple. The kids are teens so they do want their freedom and time alone, which they got from being urbanites today. They roamed the downtown streets and caught a movie together. Fun and memories to add to their many adventures.

We caught up with our friends Dontai and Jennifer who are close to the Capitol. They have a beautiful baby daughter and in the legal, business and political scene here. We knew Jen back at the University of Rochester and she has built an amazing and successful law career after Georgetown law years ago and works with the educational system in Puerto Rico.


So many stories that have unfolded over the last 20+ years for our college friends. Doctors, attorneys, business leaders, professors, pastors, and so many other sectors that they went into, worked extremely hard and have figured out life along the way.

I like the Freejourner times we have had. Our kids like being in conversations and observing our friends. They talk with them and listen to their insights. Our friends have chosen fast lives, slow lives and everything in between. We have been in urban settings, farms, luxurious acreage, simple settings and every degree of success one can imagine. Sonya and I just smile. We are happy for our friends and root them on in their pursuits.

Jefferson nailed it when he talked about our pursuit of happiness. It’s what everyone with freedom does. We have this programming, this relentless pushing towards happiness. We get to move in and out of so many of our friends of a whole array of backgrounds, demographics and geography to experience their lives. And they share it with our kids by their insights and wisdom.

It has been an utter treat. Sometimes it’s surreal to see friends I knew as a kid myself interacting with and caring for my our own kids. And Sonya and I delight in the kids of our friends likewise. So special.

We travel, and we are free. But our attachments do define us. We have friends that we spontaneously ping last minute that we haven’t seen in decades to see if they are around. And we hug and connect and do life fast with them.


And I sit here, taking a break in the middle of the night, savoring those rich conversations, connections and friendships. They are a part of us, and being mobile has allowed us to have so much fun with our friends everywhere across this country. They are doing such great things and they bless our family by allowing us to come in and enjoy their lives for a bit. Thanks, Our Dear Friends!


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