Our Trip – Oral Story

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We do miss our friends and are grateful for the memories, adventures and growth we have had being Freejourners. I love Jadyn’s memories and how she took in the countless things we did as a family from big exploring in vast wildernesses to simply enjoying each other’s company in all the homes, cities, coffee shops and fine dining we got to have.

The kids know that experiences are priceless and life moves fast.

Jadyn Dalrymple

Almost 5 years ago, my dad told us that we had one month to sell everything we had, leave our home, and travel around the western United States.

I was seven at the time and didn’t totally know what was going on. But I didn’t want to leave because I didn’t want to leave my friends and my things and my home where I’d grown up. We had a fun going away party from all our friends who were sad to see us go. I cried when we drove away from our neighborhood, as I realized we were actually leaving.

My parents told us we could take one bag with our clothes and favorite things. I think I had more than one bag, though, but all of our stuff ended up fitting in our car. We stayed in hotels, a few houses, a yurt, and couple campsites.

We visited National…

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